Saturday, April 4, 2009

Diagram of Browne Horses Track on 1/2 Acre

Even small lots can be made into a paddock track.

The track is setup on a 1/2 acre around their existing stalls and what used to be grassy area is now an obstacle arena. I park my horse trailer on the dirt driveway in a way that extends their walking path around the truck and trailer, around the round pen and back into their stalls. Harley and Lady are out 24x7. The seem to have their routine and pick various places around the track to spend their day when they are taking a break from constant nibbling from the track feeders.

Some have asked about the 'dead end' on the right side of the track. I close the track at that end so the horses don't take a shortcut back to the water. They have to walk all the way around the track and over the pea gravel to get to their water.

This works from my two horses because they get along well together. It may not be a good idea for horses who don't get along. The width of the track is only about 10 to 12 feet around the arena.